stStar-black48 Yosemite Sam's House is a rundown house to the left of Bugs' and Daffy's House. It is inhabbitted by Yosemite Sam and his pet goldfish.


In The Fish and Visitors, Yosemite's house is introduced for the first time. Sam is shown on the roof putting solar panels into the house, then cuts all of the electric wires, so when the sun shines on the solar panels, the electricity will automatically turn on. Inside his house there is shown to be a fish tank with a goldfish inside, a lamp with a design of a hula girl dancing on it, a bunch of junk laying around, and a telehpone connected to the walls. At the end of The Fish and Visitors, it is shown he has to stay at the house with no electricity untill the sun comes back out.

In Monster Talent, the solar panels are not seen on Yosemite's roof anymore, possibly meaning that he now has to pay for the electric bill or that he got the solar panels after this episode.

In The Foghorn Leghorn Story, Sam is shown hanging up his laundry in his backyard, complaining about needing a washing machine. Taz is shown digging a hole in Sam's backyard causing Sam and Bugs to fall in it.

In Peel of Fortune, Sam says his house is a castle, even though it is old and dirty, because he can do whatever he wants.