This is the house to the left of Bugs' House and to the right of Granny's Mansion. It is owned by Witch Lezah and her son, Gossamer, lives there, too. This is the only house in the cul-de-sac that not even the slightest bit of the inside has been seen (not counting in There Goes the Neighborhood). However, later in season 2, the inside was shown in various episodes.


It is first shown in Monster Talent, where it appears to be similar to a haunted house. It is shown when Daffy looks at Gossamer playing outside by himself. It is purple/dark-colored.

It makes a cameo in You've Got Hate Mail, where Witch Lezah and Gossamer are seen at their house, looking at Daffy's insulting e-mail.

In We're In Big Truffle, Bugs and Lola spend the night there, babysitting Gossamer. Things don't go quite as planned, and Lola ends up magically turning Gossamer into a grizzly bear.

In Gossamer is Awesomer, Daffy and Gossamer make campaign posters for Gossamer, at his house.

In Best Friends Redux Daffy breaks into the garage, to use a time portal.