" I thought I saw a Tasmanian Devil. I did, I did see a Tasmanian devil!"
Devil Dog

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While Tweety appears to be an innocent, vulnerable canary, underneath his delicate, yellow exterior beats a crafty heart.


In Devil Dog, Tweety is once again trying to get away from Sylvester. However, as a twist in the usual antics, the Tasmanian Devil shows up and Tweety notices that Taz is behind Sylvester and says "I tawt I saw a Tasmanian Devil." Sylvester doesn't believe Tweety and grabs him. Tweety says "I did, I did," as Taz is right behind Sylvester ready to eat them both. Sylvester notices and start running away from him. The odd thing about this episode is that Tweety helps Sylvester. Tweety and Sylvester manage to escape from Taz, by running to the kitchen, as he ate the table and Tweety flying away up the chimney with Sylvester on his legs. After Taz falls back to Daffy and Bugs, they both run back inside of Granny's mansion.

He appears in Eligible Bachelors in Granny's flashback, and at the end of the episode telling Sylvester his gender.

He briefly appears in Double Date singing about being polite, but not before trying to get eaten by Sylvester.

He later appears in To Bowl or Not to Bowl's Merrie Melodie, Yellow Bird, trying to get caught by Sylvester. However, Sylvester fails to catch him again, due to the fact he kept running into a little girl's sun castle at a beach and how Crusher plummeted him.

He appears in another Merrie Melody in Newspaper Thief called Tasmanian Meltdown with Sylvester.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Tweety fought in World War II, as revealed in Eligible Bachelors.
    • Because he fought in World War II, there is no telling how old he really is.
  • In Ridiculous Journey, Sylvester says that he loves Tweety.
    • However, Sylvester immediately denies that he said it, embarrassed.