• I updated all the infoboxes to the new portability layouts. Merrie Melodies, Episodes and the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote CGI Shorts pages look good, but someone added a lot of unnecessary content to the Characters and as a result, only a handful of information shows up. We desperately need help trying to clean up those infoboxes to make the important information show up.

    What should be included with the character infobox?

    • image: a high quality image of the character
    • gender: if the character does not have one, do not list one
    • first: the first appearance of the character
    • last: the last appearance of the character
    • count: the number of PHYSICAL appearances of the character (listed in the appearance section; just count it)
    • songs: number of songs the characters SUNG (not appeared in, but had to sing)
    • relationship: whoever the character is or was in a romantic relationship with AND ONLY A RELATIONSHIP
    • friends: who the character is friends with
    • enemies: who the character is enemies with
    • voice: if the character does not have a confirmed voice actor, do not list one

    I will be willing to promote anybody who is willing to help afterwards. Until then, thanks again. Let me know if there are any problems.

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    • I'll try to help with these as much as possible 😊

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    • Any updates? I have lost track on how close we are to fulfilling this task. I'd like to get rid of this from the front page.

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    • I think all of them are updated. If not, maybe one or two minor character pages.

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    • A FANDOM user
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