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    The The Looney Tunes Show Wiki has several rules for the site and breaking them will result in staff warnings and bans at the best judgement of the staff member. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

    • Communications
      • You may not ignore important messages by staff. If you continue to persist with your behavior after being warned, you will be banned.
    • Categories
      • Gender categories, such as males and females will be deleted from the site and all edits will be reverted. No categories on protagonists and antagonists may be created as well. In addition, the categories major, minor, secondary and one-time characters are not allowed. Irrelevant and unrelated categories are also not allowed.
    • New Pages
      • New pages, with nonsense, unrelated content and spam will be deleted.
    • Pornography
      • Any inappropriate or sexually suggestive language, images and videos, will be removed from the Wiki, and the user producing the material will be banned.
    • Sockpuppeting
      • If you are currently banned, you cannot create another account to dodge your ban. If you continue to create accounts to dodge your ban, you may face indefinite ban on your main account.
    • Superfluous Content
      • Superfluous content, subject but not limited to blog posts, article comments, message wall content, etc. will be deleted.
      • Only images from the show and its production and staff who worked on the crew are allowed. In addition, the network images of networks that have aired the show at any given time are allowed. These images are copyrighted, but are allowed under the 1976 Copyright Act, which allows uploading small bits of copyrighted material to inform people about a topic, which is what this wiki is about. Any images that are copyrighted/don't belong to you that you upload may not be altered or changed for your own preference! This is a copyright violation because you are altering work that is not yours. You will be banned.
    • Unused Images
      • If you don't put an image on a page within a twenty-four hour period, it'll be deleted. If you aren't going to put an image on a page, don't upload it. We want our unused images section to remain clean and empty and help adding images that are there right now will be greatly appreciated and rewarded. If you want do add unrelated images to your profile page, this is acceptable, as long as they are appropriate. However, you can not upload the unrelated image on the wiki; linking them from another wiki/website is fine, though.
    • Videos
      • You may upload short clips from YouTube or Vimeo (5 minutes max) of the episodes on the wiki and your userpage. Do not upload full episodes (22 minute long episodes) of the show onto the wiki or your userpage, even if the video is on YouTube and isn't yours. This is a copyright violation and Warner Bros. does not take this lightly. Warner Bros. does have legal right to check this wiki for episode copyright violations and will ask that they be removed. You may private message to other users the full episodes if you wish, assuming they are willing to trade contact information. Do not post clips not related to The Looney Tunes Show unless you plan to put them on your userpage. If you do so, do not upload full episodes of other television shows or movies onto your userpage. That is also a copyright violation.
    • Fanfiction content
      • Fanfiction episodes, characters and images are not allowed on the wiki.
    • Warnings
      • Do not remove warnings on your userpage or message walls by admins. This will earn yourself a 2 week ban without message wall access without warning.
    • Irrelevant Conversations
      • No irrelevant conversations are allowed on article comments. They will be removed and the user will be warned.
    • Caps Lock
      • The use of all capital letters anywhere is discouraged and will result in several warnings, before weekly bans.
    • Harassment
      • Discrimination, bullying, fighting, racism, provoking, threats, and/or other forms of harassment are not tolerated on the Wiki in any fashion.
    • Personal Information
      • Asking for personal information, such as your age, your home address, your password, or your Social Security number is not allowed. If you see someone doing that, please report it to an administrator right way.
    • Politics
      • While political discussion isn't banned, it is recommended to not be discussed in the forums.
    • Religion
      • While religion discussion isn't banned, it is recommended to not be discussed in the forums.
    • Spamming
      • Spamming by repeating things over and over again or flooding the entire chat will not be tolerated kindly.
    • Swearing
      • Only select profanity may be used. Please see this page for a list of words that are and are not allowed.
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