The Sunset Room is a location, where Porky held a bachelor auction, which included Bugs and Daffy in the episode, Eligible Bachelors.

It is seen again in Double Date, when Bugs, Lola, Daffy, and Tina had a double date for dinner.

It was then seen in Bugs & Daffy Get a Job, when Daffy reveals his horrific plastic surgery to Tina, during another dinner date with Tina.

It appeared once again in It's a Handbag, when Lola and Bugs have a date.

It appeared in We're In Big Truffle, when Porky and Daffy go out to dinner.

It is seen in Dear John, when Tina and Daffy had a date.


The Sunset Room appears similar to a normal restaurant. The inside has many table booths. There is an aquarium inside, along with a band and karaoke section, where it allows people to dance and sing along to the music. There's a bathroom, also.


The restaurant will have a weekly drawing where you must drop a business card into a vase, and you will win a romantic evening for two featuring a limo ride if your card is pulled out. Daffy Duck rigged the contest to make him win with Tina in Double Date.