The Looney Tunes Show - Table for one

The Looney Tunes Show - Table for one

Table for One is the Merrie Melody in the episode Point, Laser Point.


It's Saturday Night, and I've got a full place.
But you're ruining the vibe with your lonely pink face!
Sitting alone in a group fit for six...
Doing Sudoku won't get you chicks!
Hey! You're not the most hopeless case in the world!
You just have to change your approach to the girls!
They do not care about "Dungeons and Dragons" Bro! Creepy
They do not want to hear about all the spells you know!
Do not tell them, how many comic books you own! Too Many
If you tell them, you will not get them in the phone!
So no more spending Friday nights at home...
Eating ice cream all alone...
Sitting in your easy chair...
Beating yourself at Solitaire...
I don't care what's on T.V., come hit the town with me!
It will be the bomb to meet a girl that's not your mom!
You are not allowed to call action figures friends!
Get some exercise, pull-ups, and some deep knee bends!
Go to parties and show girls just how good you look!
Do not stay at home reading Harry Potter books! Groove with me!
Girls like to laugh...
And girls like to dance!
But most of all girls like guys that wear pants!
So let's get some shoes that don't look like your feet!
Grow a beard, get a perm, and strut in the street!
If you do this, you will no longer be a dud!
Underneath that nerd, I know that there is a stud!
Loosen up and go out and have some fun!
So your not the creepy guy at the table for one!


  • Porky is seen watching "Porky's Duck Hunt", the official debut of Daffy Duck.
  • Some clips are missing the Do not tell them how many comic books you own. Too many line.


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