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The Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club (or the R.O.G.O.O.O.C.C. as the members call it) is a country club Bugs and Daffy sneak into in the episode, Members Only. Bugs meets Lola there and had a wedding there that was planned by Pepe Le Pew.

In order to get into the Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club, you must register or give your ID if you are registered. If you do not have an ID, you must either register or leave. Daffy faked someone else's ID, which later ended up being Lola's dad, Walter Bunny. Daffy had to pay for everything he got under Lola's dad's number which is 16-73. Daffy was seen working in the bathroom giving people mints. Daffy was then banned from the club.

The Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club has a golf area, tennis court, weight room and swimming pool.

Known Members



  • According to Daffy, the club has a swimming pool, though it's only mentioned, not seen.
  • Pepe, Lola and Lola's parents, Walter and Patricia, all made their debut appearances here.
  • This is the place where Bugs and Lola first met.
  • Membership-numbers at the ROGOOOCC apparently need at least four digits, since Walter's number is 1673 while Daffy unsuccessfully tried getting into the club by giving "1" and then "2" as his membership numbers.
  • The club has at least three receptionists (one man and two women). The first receptionist that Daffy encountered was the only one who realized that Daffy wasn't actually a member at the club.
  • There's a mall called the " Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Mall" in the city where Bugs and Daffy lives,


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