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" It's so romantic up here...."
—Petunia to Porky

Petunia Pig is a female pig that made her first appearance in Here Comes the Pig of Season 2 of The Looney Tunes Show. She is Porky's girlfriend.


Petunia made her debut appearance in Here Comes the Pig, however, Petunia had no lines. She danced with Porky, at the wedding. Petunia made a major appearance in the episode Mr. Weiner. Petunia and Porky were going on a date at the fair, but Daffy told Porky to act cool, or else he'd look desperate. Petunia was very gleeful when she met Porky at the airport, but since he was trying to act cool, she looked confused. At the fair, Petunia said she loved cotton candy and roller coasters, hoping to start up conversations, but Porky just dully replied, "I'm cool," and "Whatever," while he really wanted to chat with Petunia. Later on, on the ferris wheel, Petunia asked Porky why he was so different then the last time they'd seen each other, to which he said that he wasn't different. When the Ferris wheel got stuck, Porky went hysterical, but Petunia soothingly calmed him down. Finally, he admitted that he wasn't being himself, and that he thought she was beautiful, kind and intelligent, and she kisses him on the cheek. The two then romantically sat on the farris wheel, and were about to share a kiss, with a helium-filled Daffy ruined the moment by floating past them.


She has a yellow-green t-shirt, black pigtails (shiny & purple-ish blue anime like hair), however, the bottom photo's show she has violet highlights and a black shirt (on the bottom picture).


Season 2


  • Two designs have been show for Petunia. One has a red dress, and the other has a yellow and black shirt with a black skirt. Both designs have different hairstyles. It is currently unknown which design will be used. This is similar to the design of Tina Russo, who started out as a bright yellow duck with pink hair.
    • In the end, neither design was used.