Mama Bear is the unintelligent mother of Junior Bear and the wife of Papa Bear, who appeared in Ridiculous Journey.


She first appears in the episode, Ridiculous Journey, waiting in the car while Henry fixes the car. She is absentmindedly helping her husband start the car. He says "Don't start the car, until I say 'start the car!" She says, "Yes honey," and starts the car, thinking that he wanted to to start it then. Junior later brings back Sylvester, Taz and Tweety as 'souvenirs',and they head on to the desert. When Henry complains about them, Mama Bear corrects him by saying he gave Junior permission to keep them. When Henry mentions that all of his pets die, she says that he is just a little rough, when playing. They later stop at Drillco because Junior thinks he has had an accident leaving the three pets to escape.