" Christmas, Christmas, we want more!"
A Christmas Carol

Mac and Tosh are two endlessly exuberant, incessantly positive and unfailingly polite gophers. They own the local antique shop, called Antiques.


In their debut, Best Friends, Mac and Tosh are contestants on the show, Besties, facing Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Tosh's first question was what was his best friend, Mac's favorite food and he guessed the correct answer, which was pureed butternut squash in a balsamic reduction with just a hint of clover. When the show goes on a break, they wanted to become friends with Bugs and Daffy, who were both upset at each other, didn't want a handshake from them or didn't want to be their friends. In the end, they both win, after Daffy messes up on a question about Bugs' catchphrase. Mac and Tosh are later seen on the cruise ship, playing shuffleboard. They are also seen in the cruise dinner, in the table, which had the captain and Bugs and Daffy, where Bugs says that Daffy is being a stalker and he didn't want him and Daffy to end up like Mac and Tosh. He then says "No offense." to which Mac and Tosh say "None taken."

In Devil Dog, Mac and Tosh are both the announcers for the dog show, both wearing green dress shirts, before the riot regarding the escaped Tasmanian Devil begun.

In The Foghorn Leghorn Story, Mac and Tosh's antique shop is first shown. Bugs and Yosemite Sam get in a huge fight in the antique store and ruin a bunch of antiques. Then, Daffy and Foghorn Leghorn burst in and make the fighting worse. The Goofy Gophers start laughing and playfully fighting. They are then shown enjoying Foghorn Leghorn's movie. Later, they are having a lunch date with Yosemite Sam at Girardis while they discuss the film.

In Double Date, Mac and Tosh (along with Marvin the Martian) sing a Merrie Melodie about being polite.


In To Bowl or Not to Bowl, Mac and Tosh served as the announcers of the bowling tournament.

They sing a Merrie Melodies, entitled You Like/I Like in the episode The Float.

In The Shelf, they are seen once again, working at Antiques. They assist Lola in finding furniture for Speedy's new home.

They make a cameo in Bobcats on Three! at one of Bugs' parties. They offered Porky a catering job, only for Bugs to make Porky decline so he can have another party.

They make another cameo in You've Got Hate Mail, when they receive a hateful email from Daffy.

In Itsy Bitsy Gopher, Tosh goes missing. Mac recruits Lola and Daffy to conduct a search.

They appear in A Christmas Carol, acting in Lola's play as two elves, and then singing later on in the episode.

In We're In Big Truffle, Bugs and Lola ask the Gophers to go into Speedy's mouse hole, searching for Gossamer who had recently been turned into a fog. When they see Speedy's "house" they re-arrange everything. Once Speedy returns to his home, he is dazed and confused at the fancy sight.

They sing a Merrie Melodies entitled Drifting Apart, in the episode Dear John.

The Gophers make a brief cameo in Spread Those Wings and Fly. Here, they do not have any lines.


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  • According to Yosemite Sam, the two are indistinguishable.
    • The easiest way to tell them apart is that Tosh speaks in a higher tone of voice than Mac.
  • When they dress in clothes, Mac tends to wear shades of red, while Tosh wears blue.
  • In Be Polite, Tosh was revealed to have an aunt.
  • They own an antique shop called Antiques.
  • In the classic shorts, they are also known as "The Goofy Gophers."
  • Mac and Tosh is a pun on the name "Macintosh."
  • According to many cast members, mainly the gophers' voice actors, Mac and Tosh are in a relationship. However, different character bios and other incarnations say that they’re brothers.
  • Tosh is chubbier than Mac and has been noted to eat more sweets than him. Such as in Itsy Bitsy Gopher Mac says that "he'll tell you that he's 3/4 of a pound, but between you, me, and the fence post, he's at least a pound...but he carries it well". Also in You Like/I Like Mac is said to like cheese while Tosh likes chocolates.


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