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" See you later, Piggy. I'm gonna go get some chicken!"
Father Figures

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Henery Hawk is a tiny, brown chicken hawk with a forelock of feathers. The young bird lives at home with his parents, and speaks with tough-guy bravado. While singing, Henery has the ability to make his voice sound auto-tuned. Anyone who knows him knows his favorite dish...chicken!


Henery Hawk appears in Fish and Visitors in the Merrie MelodiesChicken Hawk. He raps in an auto-tuned and high-pitched voice singing about his love for chicken, while Foghorn Leghorn tries to remove Henery's craving for chicken. Near the end of the song, Foghorn succeeds in getting Henery to enjoy beans, but unfortunately, while Henery now loves beans, he then says that chicken would go good with the beans, so he chases Foghorn with a knife and a fork.

Henery also appears in Father Figures, in which Porky becomes his father figure. Porky wants to do tons of "exciting" things with Henery. Which Henery finds to be very boring things to do which includes watching paint dry and grass grow. Henery really just wants to get some chicken. Porky tries to explain to Henery that he doesn't really want chicken and that it's just a metaphor for what he's really hungry for, guidance. This makes Henery even more annoyed. Later, He bites Foghorn in the rear at the end of a tennis game, and Porky realize wanting chicken is not a metaphor at all and Henery really did wanted some chicken. So Porky takes him to his house and makes him some of his Grandmother's Chicken. Henery loves it and wants Porky to teach him how to make it the next weekend. Porky's glad he stills want him to be a Father Figure. So, Porky decides to have fun watching grass grow with Henery.

Henery appears in the episode A Christmas Carol once again, targeting Foghorn Leghorn.



Season 1

Season 2


  • In the episode, "Fish and Visitors", the Merrie Melody is a song that showcases Henery Hawk singing about loving and eating chicken.
  • In the episode, "Father Figures", Henery first appears in the series and is paired up with Porky as his father figure.

Voice Actors

  • Ben Falcone (US)
  • Javier Olguín (Latin America)
  • Monica Bertolotti (Italy)
  • Cezary Kwieciński (Poland)
  • Guy Rushiniak (Israel)
  • Eran Mor (Israel; Merrie Melodies only)
  • Christiano Torreão (Brazil)
  • Tiago Retré (Portugal)
  • Straub Norbert (Hungary)
  • Ρένα Καζάκου (Greece)