Grilled Cheese is a Merrie Melodies song by Elmer Fudd, which appeared in Best Friends. It is Elmer Fudd's first song, the first love song, and the first song on The Looney Tunes Show.

Elmer Fudd - Grilled Cheese Song - Looney Tunes Show Merrie Melodies

Elmer Fudd - Grilled Cheese Song - Looney Tunes Show Merrie Melodies

Grilled Cheese sung by Elmer Fudd


I wowk so vewy hawd aww day wong.
I stawt to dweam of you befowe I get home.
Gwiwwed Cheese...
I hope you'we weady.
'Cause we got a date.
I just can't wait to get home and put you on my pwate.
Gwiwwed Cheese... Sandwich...
The buttew will stawt mewting when I wight the fwame.
'Cause the buttew and the cheese awe gonna pway a wittwe game.
It's cawwed mewting...
On the bwead.
Don't need a burgew, don't need no shake.
I'll waugh in ya face if you offew me cake.
Don't waste my time with ya bwussel spwouts.
If you make me a steak, I'ww just thwow it out.
I want a Gwiwwed Cheese...
(Gwiwwed Cheese)
Not a BLT...
(Gwiwwed Cheese)
Awe ya fowwowing me?
(Gwiwwed Cheese)
I wove more than any othew.
I think I'm gonna make anothew.
Gwiwwed, gwiwwed, gwiwwed, gwiwwed Cheese,
If you pwease.


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