Goner with the Wind is the name of a CGI Road Runner and Coyote short from the episode, The Shelf.


Wile E. Coyote uses wind turbines to activate his latest device to better catch the Road Runner by cooking him like popcorn. However when he plugs it in he finds out that the windmill that generates electricity stopped. He uses various ways to get up there and finally makes it up. He swings side by side but gets stuck on one, then the windmill breaks off and gets bumped on a plane, then uses the broken windmill as a plane to catch him, then Wile E. Coyote makes a trick to stop him with free bird seed but he bumps into his device, an electricity generator and gets stuck. He gets surprised when it is plugged in and the windmills start moving,  The Coyote gets zapped and cooked, turning into bits of popcorn. Road Runner zips up and begins pecking up the scattered bits of Coyote, while his disembodied eyes look worriedly on.


  • The title is a spin off to the phrase and movie, "Gone with the Wind".
  • This is the first short to air in 2012.
  • When Wile E. was turned into popcorn, it was similar to the situation in Winter Blunderland, in which he was turned into ice cubes.


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