" I like this guy. I'm watching him, but I like him!"
Daffy Duck Esquire

Frank Russo is the father of Tina Russo, Tina's Sister, and Michael. He made his first and only appearance in Daffy Duck Esquire.


Frank was first mentioned by Daffy in You've Got Hate Mail saying that he wants to write him and his wife a thank you note for giving birth to Tina.

Tina's Dad

Frank makes his only appearance in Daffy Duck Esquire.

In Daffy Duck Esquire, Frank Russo meets his daughter's boyfriend, Daffy, who is pretending to be a lawyer. Daffy invites Frank to live with him. Frank and Bugs ride a pony whilst Daffy is off at work. When Frank is packing his bags to return home, and tells Tina that while Daffy's occupation is impressive, he is concerned that Daffy never sees her, and that she needs someone like Bugs. Daffy overhears this and sheds his lawyer facade, telling Frank it was all made up, and that he is really the deadbeat roomate who buys ponies, runs lobster farms in the pool and is the one for Tina. Frank is visibly furious that Daffy lied to him, but Tina defends him telling Frank that both she and Daffy were afraid that if Daffy was "himself" Frank wouldn't like him. Frank says that as long as Tina loves him that's all that matter. He then turns to Daffy, and asks him if he has any other secrets he's hiding. Without saying a word Daffy takes off a toupee, (which Bugs had actually revealed earlier, when reading Daffy's diary, pretending it was his own) Frank laughs at him and says "He's watching him, but he likes him" Tina kisses Daffy and leaves to take Frank home.


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