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" Wooks wike this Chwistmas is gonna be anything but mewwy."
A Christmas Carol

Elmer Fudd is a character of the show. He is the resident TV news reporter, as well as the host for Tit for Tat,  that has an infamous laugh. His dry, sluggish delivery can make even bad news seem not-so-bad. He also adores grilled cheese sandwiches, as seen in Grilled Cheese.


Elmer debuts in the pilot episode, Best Friends, in the Merrie Melodie singing about his love for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Elmer briefly appears in Blow My Stack at an anger management class.


Elmer talking about the weather on the television.

Elmer later appears in the episode The Fish and Visitors, as the weatherman on the local news that Bugs and Daffy were watching, and announced that there was a massive thunderstorm.

Elmer appeared in Working Duck as a reporter talking about the robbers are escaping because of Daffy, who had a job as a guard. In the end, he talks about Daffy ruining Enormacorp, based on one decision.

Elmer made another appearance in A Christmas Carol, where he reported that Christmas that year, would be one dry.

Elmer was present in The Black Widow. He reported that the Hillhurst Diamond had been stolen, which was stolen by Lola.

In Parade Float, he made a cameo in the background.

Another of his appearances was in Year of the Duck, where he was the host for Tit for Tat. He interviewed Daffy, and was confused at his absurd answers. He was shocked when Foghorn Leghorn smashed with Daffy out the plate-glass window.


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