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– Daffy when he is frightened by something or someone.

Daffy Sheldon Duck is a screwball, greedy duck created by Tex Avery, and the deuteragonist of The Looney Tunes Show. He is a black/orange duck and Bugs Bunny’s best friend. He has been staying with Bugs over five-years, until he gets back on his feet, which usually takes a while.


''That may be true, but Armando sounds cooler!''

– Daffy to Bugs

Daffy first appeared in the pilot episode, Best Friends, Daffy is watching a game show, when he sees the contestant win 1 million dollars. Wondering why he's never won anything and not wanting to "end up a bitter, jealous person", he determines he should be on a game show. Daffy sees an advertisement for the game show Besties, which tests the contestants knowledge of their best friend, and tries to convince Bugs that they should be on the show. Bugs expresses concerns that Daffy's self-absorption will prevent them from winning, but goes on the show anyway.

Later, when Daffy and Bugs go onto Besties, Daffy gets the first question wrong, and causes Bugs to answer his question about Daffy's middle name incorrectly by changing his middle name to Armando on the spot, because it sounds cooler. Bugs determines the duo need a new strategy, so he tells Daffy to say the opposite of whatever he thinks the answer is. This results in Daffy answering the rest of the questions correctly, until the final question "What is Bugs Bunny's catchphrase?", to which Daffy answers "I don't do Mondays", causing them to lose and angering Bugs.

After he spends the night in Bugs' car, Speedy tells Daffy that he needs to be a better friend to Bugs. Daffy takes the advice, but ends up going overboard. He takes Bugs on a cruise, starts regurgitating various details about Bugs's life, and does ridiculously nice things like celebrating 189 days till Bug's next birthday. All this does is make the rabbit even angrier. Later, after Daffy gives a disturbing toast to Bugs in the ship's dinning area, Bugs tells Daffy that he is acting more like a stalker than a friend, but also adds that he is still Daffy's best friend for reasons he doesn't really understand. At the end of the cruise, Bugs asks Daffy how he paid for everything. Daffy then reveals that he does know something about Bugs after all, his credit card number.

''Don't get your hopes up Phyllis...natural blondes.''

– Daffy to Phyllis

In Members Only, Daffy tries to get into a members-only country club, but is denied entry. Daffy leaves and spies on the people inside and learns that someone's membership number is 16-73. He then uses the number to gain access to the club after the lady that turned him away is replaced at the front desk by another worker. When he first enters the club he states he has a new lucky number. He then hears a golfer shout "Fore!", which causes him to shout back "No dummy, 16-73!", the golfer then hits his ball which strikes Daffy in the head.

Daffy later invites Bugs to the club and they play tennis. Daffy beats Bugs, but only because Bugs left the court to find out who was pelting him with tennis balls and Daffy continued to play and keep score after he left. Later on in the episode, Daffy is shown befriending elderly ladies, as he fills them in on the latest club gossip, while Lola mistakenly thinks Bugs has proposed to her. Daffy then tells a waitress to send a bottle of champagne to the newly engaged couple (not knowing it was Bugs and Lola). Later Daffy unknowingly ends up crashing Bugs's and Lola's wedding. When he learns Bugs is the groom he is offended that he wasn't asked to be the best man or even invited. After Lola leaves Bugs at the alter, Daffy orders Bugs some golf clubs to cheer him up and charges it to member 16-73. Lola's Dad recognizes it as his membership number, and he punches Daffy. Daffy is then forced to work as a bathroom attendant to repay the money he owes to Lola's father. Then Daffy blurts out "I hate the R-O-G-O, oh I hate this place!".

''And I'll miss you most off all, Neanderthal shaped head man.''

– Daffy to Crusher

In Jailbird and Jailbunny, Daffy is arrested for throwing a soda can down the Grand Canyon while on a trip with Bugs and Porky. Instead of paying the $50 fine, Daffy contests the charges and uses the hearing to accuse Porky and then Bugs of being the actual litterer. Bugs doesn’t respond well to the accusation and he and Daffy start fighting in the court room, which causes the judge to find them both contempt of court and send them to jail. Daffy doesn’t adjust well to life on the inside, so when he and Bugs escape after an altercation with another inmate, Daffy refuses to go back to prison and forces Bugs to live on the lam. Daffy and Bugs dye themselves blonde to change their appearance, find a motel to lay low at, and get jobs at a diner in the middle of nowhere, all while still being shackled together. When they run out of money for the motel, the duo end up staying on the roof of a rest stop bathroom. It soon starts raining and washes the dye off both Bugs and Daffy. Lighting then strikes and breaks the shackles binding them. Daffy thinks the lighting struck because he is a wizard and starts shouting as such. This grabs the attention of a nearby police officer, who arrests them both and sends them back to jail. They are released a year later and are picked up by Porky. Daffy, having learned nothing from the whole ordeal, threw a soda can out of Porky’s car window during the ride home, which gets Porky pulled over by a cop.

''Really? That's the best fake fight you can come up with?''

– Daffy to Bugs

In Fish and Visitors, Daffy is mowing the lawn, when he and Bugs notice Yosemite Sam putting up solar panels on his roof. When Bugs wants to ask Sam what he is doing, Daffy warns him not get involved in his neighbor’s business, but Bugs ignores him. After a storm renders Sam’s new solar panels useless and he loses power, he asks Bugs if he can use his microwave. Daffy once again tells Bugs to not get involved and is again ignored. Sam then starts returning repeatedly, until Bugs sarcastically asks him why he doesn’t just move in. Sam takes the question at face value and promptly moves in. Sam quickly wears out his welcome and Bugs asks Daffy to help get rid of their new roommate. Daffy comes up with several plans to get Sam to move out, including getting into a “fake” argument with Bugs, throwing a party in the middle of the night, and trying to convince Sam there is a ghost in the house. After all of his plans fail, Daffy finally tells Sam that he and Bugs want him to leave. As a sad Sam walks back home in the rain, Bugs determines it would be heartless to kick him out. He tells Sam he can come back, but the sun comes out and restores Sam’s power before he can, so he goes home instead. Bugs tells Daffy it was the right thing to let Sam stay with them, but when the storm returns he yells to Daffy to get inside.

''If you want to make friends, you have to dance.''

– Daffy to Gossamer

In Monster Talent, Witch Lezah, wants a positive male role model to help Gossamer fit in and make friends, and after Daffy asserts that the only way to help a weirdo is with another weirdo’s expertise, he gets forced into the job as Gossamer’s new guide. After a few failed experiments to boost Gossamer’s social stature, Daffy decides the school's upcoming talent show is the perfect path to popularity.

''And you used to be the prettiest girl in highschool, and....actually you're still very pretty.''

– Daffy to one of his old classmates

Daffy made an appearance in Reunion, when he attended his highschool reunion. Bugs assisted him to be a popular guy, because he was the most popular guy at the high school when he was younger. In the end, it was revealed that Daffy was the doofus of the school, and Porky was the popular one.

Daffy makes his seventh appearance in Casa de Calma, when he and Bugs to go to a luxurious resort. However, they constantly try to win over a beautiful woman at the resort, Starlett Johansson.

''Look at me! I'm a Tasmanian devil!''

– Daffy covering for Taz

In Devil Dog, Daffy must learn to cope with Bugs' new dog, which is actually a Tasmanian devil.

''Quick question; when's lunch?''

The Foghorn Leghorn Story

Daffy makes a major appearance in The Foghorn Leghorn Story, when he stars in Foghorn Leghorn's The Foghorn Leghorn Story (movie), despite Carol's warnings. The movie is based on Foghorn's life journey to find the ancient Burmese Turtle. In the end, Daffy ruins the entire set, explaining why the movie only sold six tickets at the movie theater.

''Clean out your attic? What’s so romantic about that?!''

Eligible Bachelors

In Eligible Bachelors, Daffy attends a bachelor's auction, against Porky's will. Eventually, Granny bids for him and he is forced to clean her cluttered attic. While cleaning, Granny tells him her story about when she was a spy in World War 2. In the end, the two become good friends.


Daffy is portrayed as a self-absorbed, yet secretly insecure duck and has ridiculous schemes that always make life more interesting and very complicated. He also is prone to jealousy and can come across as dim. When the next situation seems very obvious (e.g. He asked if Granny died or got caught by the Germans even though she is there currently telling her story in Eligible Bachelors) he either doesn't know what to say or answers the last thing that he should say. Daffy is also very extreme and ambitious whenever he plans his crazy schemes. Like Bugs, he is also short-tempered and gets irritated easily. He can also be very lazy and has others do the simplest tasks for him, including paying for the bill every time he goes out to eat with his friends. He is also shown to have a feminine side, as he uses a handbag as shown in "It's a Handbag", liked wearing high heels in "Spread those Wings and Fly", stated he was a pear shape and wore Tina's skirt saying it complimented his figure in "You've Got Hate Mail". He has even stated that he spends hours in a salon, looks at himself in the mirror, and prances around the house in a tiara in "Year of the Duck". As part of his self absorbed nature, he takes great pride in his appearance, believing he looks good and when he doesn't feel he looks perfect, he becomes distraught and easily touchy, as shown in "Bugs and Daffy get a Job" where Daffy got a job on his nose to get rid of a little bump, but it ended up making his face look worse as most of his beak was cut off, but he thought it looked "perfect" because his beak no longer had a bump and it took a punch in the face from Tina to get him to fix his face. He is also paranoid, believing the worse in others and jumping to conclusions, such as in "Newspaper Thief" when he accused the neighbors of stealing his newspaper when he didn't find it when in reality he forgot to fulfill a subscription for a new one and in "Muh-Muh-Muh Murder" when he thought Porky was a murderer when he happened to fit the description of the murderer.

Daffy is a compulsive liar, lying is apparently one of his best skills as he's often able to fool, and con everyone he meets, even characters who are held as more intelligent than he is such as Tina. Daffy however often lets his lies get out of control, and even starts to believe them himself if left for too long. He is not above abusing or exploiting things in his favor, or at least trying to. He is manipulative enough to even trick Bugs into going allow with his plans, on occasion, and often shows a complete disregard for the rights of others. Though, this is more down to his own greed and stupidity than true malice. However, on a few occasions, he has shown that he cares for others as he willingly helped Porky over saving a truffle that was worth half a million dollars (though after he saved Porky he dove right in to get the truffle and learned it was just a worthless potato) and lied to Tina's father so he could prove he was good enough for her. This overall shows that he does have a compassionate side and does greatly care for his friends and family, despite rarely ever showing it

Appearance & Attire

Daffy (according to Bugs) is less than three and a half feet tall, and he apparently weighs less than five pounds as he couldn't lift a 4lb dumbbell which he described as "his own weight" in Working Duck.

He has black feathers, an orange beak, orange legs, and a white ring around his neck, the ring was assumed to be part of his body until Rebel Without a Glove where it was revealed to actually be a pearl necklace. While discussing surgery to stop his snoring, he discovers that he has a small insignificant bump on his beak, however Daffy sees it as quite the opposite and goes to extreme measures to remove it. Although he later has the procedure reversed after some "encouragement" from Tina.

Daffy does not wear clothes during his regular day to day activities *Although he has a large wardrobe which seemingly he wears none of*, but he has been seen wearing various uniforms for the few jobs that he has had, Including but not limited to a security guard uniform, a Suit for his very short lived CEO position at Enormocorp, and a golfing outfit *which he probably stole* for his visits to the Country club. Ironically while he never wears clothes at home, he always covers himself with a towel when leaving the shower. 

Daffy, unlike Bugs, rarely crossdresses. He did it once when he and Bugs attempted to scam the Movie Theatre. A second occasion he stole Tina's clothes trying to disguise himself as her, and finally in Spread Those Wings and Fly he dressed up for his job as a female flight attendant.

Criminal Record

Daffy has gotten into a lot of trouble with the law and would often pay the price.

  • In Jailbird and Jailbunny he littered on public property, by throwing a can in the Grand Canyon as well as contempt of court
  • In Members Only has sneaked into the Country club by using someone else's membership I.D.
  • DMV, Daffy was driving without a valid licence.
  • Off Duty Cop Daffy was arrested for impersonating a police officer.
  • In "The Black Widow", he went to a Mexican jail for stripping in Tacapulco


Bugs Bunny

Daffy and Bugs appear to have a decent friendship, however, like any friendship, they can have conflicts at times. Bugs sometimes gets irritated at Daffy's antics, but still cares for him and will help him at any time. Daffy's really attached to bugs and even claims that he can't say anything bad about him, because he loves him (In you've got hate mail). He really does look up to bugs and considers him to be his best, and only friend.

Tina Russo

As his girlfriend she often worries about him and cares for him,(even though he lies and takes advantage of her). He truly does love her and will help her in any way he can. Like in "The Year of the Duck" when he enters her in a beauty pageant and praises her when she doesn't win. Or in "You've Got Hate Mail" when he writes her an email telling her that because she's so kind, beautiful, generous, and intelligent, she's crazy to want to date someone like him.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Ironically, Daffy has unintentionally constructed a very impressive occupational experience list, while trying to find a way to get quick money.
  • Daffy may be a Fuegian streamer duck, as he shares most of the same coloration and says that he can't fly (usually by saying that he's "not that kind of duck"), which is a defining trait of a streamer duck.
  • In "Off Duty Cop" he got arrested for impersonating a police officer.
    • ​​​​​​In fact, Daffy has broken the law more than anyone else on the show.
  • Instead of being sworn enemies with Bugs, their relationship is more civilized in the show.
  • Daffy and Bugs are the only two characters that appear in every episode.
  • Daffy's middle name is "Sheldon," but he prefers using the name "Armando."
  • Daffy's birthday is April 17th, a reference to his debut in an old Looney Tunes cartoon, Porky's Duck Hunt.
  • Daffy's favorite color is "Dusty Rose".
  • Daffy goes to bed every night at 10:00 PM, except on New Years Eve, where he goes to bed at 8:30 PM (because "New Years is a holiday invented by the media").
  • It was suggested in Beauty School that he is an expert in disguise. He disguised himself as Tina without anybody noticing him, although Tina noticed him just fine.
  • He was known as Daffy Dork when he was in high school, revealed in Reunion.
  • In Fish and Visitors, it was revealed that he is suffering from Psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that appears on the skin.
  • Daffy was shown without any feathers in Devil Dog, after Taz ate them.
  • Even though Daffy seems weak and frail, he is shown to be stronger than he looks, after fighting with Foghorn Leghorn in The Foghorn Leghorn Story. This was again shown when he pushed a giant Air conditioner across the North Pole in A Christmas Carol.
  • According to Daffy, there was a volleyball scene cut from the episode, The Foghorn Leghorn Story and in result of this, Daffy sued the producers of the show.
  • There is a running gag where Daffy will print a new set of business cards when ever he gets an new job, such as becoming a liscensed cosmotologist or being a city council member.
  • Daffy has been arrested three times on The Looney Tunes Show. The first time was in Jailbird and Jailbunny, the second time in Off Duty Cop, and the third time in The Black Widow.
  • Daffy had a bit of a running gag in the form of producing horribly obvious counterfeit money. Once he tried to bribe a Postage worker with it, and a second time he tried to use it to pay for business cards at copy place, after his original cheque bounced. Yosemite Sam later tried to counterfeit money as well, by photocopying it at Copy Place, but was kicked out by Tina.
  • Daffy stands three and a half feet tall, according to Bugs in Customer Service.
  • He drives a "Parade Float", which appears to be a Volkswagen Type 2 "Better Known as a hippie van" with the back end sawed off to accomodate a giant paper-mache sculpture of himself, The Parade float is his prized possession, dispite being destroyed multiple times.
  • Daffy has had many jobs, but has never kept one for longer than a single episode. Some of his former occupations include: flight attendant, city council member, substitute college professor, hair dresser, U.S. Marine, CEO of Enorma Corp., model, manager of a customer service department for a cable service, and security guard.
  • In Spread Those Wings and Fly, a sign saying "Rabbit Season" is found in Daffy's closet. This is a reference to the original cartoons with Bugs and Elmer Fudd. This appearance indicates that he kept one of his signs, after so many years.
  • Daffy appears to be somewhat of a cross dresser as he can often be seen wearing dresses and caring women accessories.
  • It is revealed in "The Reunion", that two people have restraining orders against Daffy, however he seems to not care or obey them, as he stated "You can't restrain me, I go where I want.".
  • It is revealed in "The Shelf", that Daffy is not allowed back at the Y, and the reason why is a long story.
  • A bit of a running gag on the show is Daffy misspelling words when he's upset, such as him spelling wrong "R O N G", gone "G O N", in "O N", dead "D E D".
  • In the episode Mrs. Porkbunny's, it was mentioned that Daffy Duck wakes up at 4:00 or 4:30 PM. However, in the episode Spread Those Wings and Fly, he was seen to wake up earlier than that, which means that he may have slept earlier than 4:00 or 4:30 at most times, causing a slight error in the show.
  • Along with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck is the also the most recurring character in the show, being in every single episode.
  • One of Daffy's favorite hobbies is basketball, which he is terrible at as a running gag.