Copy Place debuts in Double Date. It is a shop where people request to produce copies of certain documents. Tina works at the Copy Place and that's where Daffy went to have his wizard business cards produced, which cost $215.25. It also where Tina and Daffy first met when Daffy asked her on a date.

Known Employees



  • Tina is shown not to like working here.
  • Brian got fired for stealing ink.
  • In Monster Talent, the "Copy Place" sign outside of it is not seen.
  • It has become somewhat of a running gag for Daffy to bowl through the customers who are speaking to Tina, just so he can speak to her himself. It has happened on at least three occasions, and the customers are usually having awkward conversations with Tina. For example, one customer was complaining about a fax machine eating a resume, to which Tina just replies "Bummer!..." and is then knocked aside by Daffy
  • The interior of the store was changed in Season 2. The right wall originally held a shelf with different kinds of paper in Season 1, but in Season 2 it has a customer computer desk.
  • Daffy has a Copy Place Friends & Family 15% discount card. This might be because of Tina.
  • According to Tina, the boss there is a complete idiot, and should get fired.
  • In Daffy Duck Esquire, Tina's dad refers to Copy Place as a, "rinky-dink copy store".