The Burmese Turtle is a turtle made of solid gold. Its story was first told in The Foghorn Leghorn Story, as being Foghorn's destiny in life to find it.


The Burmese Turtle's story began when a Japanese queen's pet turtle perished. The king, upset to see his wife sad, sent several ships to find a new turtle that would never die. Only one came back. They brought one of the rarest and most beautiful turtles on Earth (the Burmese Turtle). The king gave the turtle to the queen, and was so happy, she literally bursted with joy, dying. The king hid it where no one could find it, to avoid any more people dying from happiness, and the turtle was never seen since. Foghorn made it his goal in life to find the Burmese turtle, so he went on a quest.

He never found it, until one day, he was fighting in the antique shop with Daffy. The vase that Bugs and Yosemite Sam had brought in fell to the ground, and busted into a million pieces. In the rubble, Foghorn and Daffy found the Burmese Turtle. He was excited, until Yosemite Sam took it and bursted with joy.