Bugs' House (formerly known as Bugs and Daffy's House on Cartoon Universe) is the domain of Bugs, Daffy, Speedy and Taz. The house has also been inhabited by Lola (Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder), Sam (Fish and Visitors), Frank (Daffy Duck Esquire,) and Porky (Gossamer is Awesomer). The house is a main location in The Looney Tunes Show, appearing in many episodes. According to Speedy, in the first episode, Best Friends, Bugs owns the house and Daffy "crashed" in it for five years. Daffy doesn’t help pay rent, but Bugs likes having him around because he thinks Daffy is amusing. According to an interview, the house is located in a suburb of Los Angeles, California.

Bugs Bunny's Humble Abode

Based on what we have seen it can be said that the house is familiar with the main characters and is well respected amongst them. It can be ranked as a five star standard home and has a total of at least two stories, seven rooms, one pool, a front and back lawn.

The house has been trashed, vandalized, set on fire, flooded, fumigated, and on one occasion even completely knocked to the ground when Bugs tries to to put up a simple wall shelf, but ends up totaling the place. Tina repairs the house for him.


The house was introduced in the first episode, Best Friends when Daffy says that he got tickets for the new show, Besties. Speedy Gonzales is vacuumed from under the fridge, and Daffy gets scared of him.

Yosemite Sam gets invited to live in Bugs' house in The Fish and Visitors, after his house, which he makes fully solar-powered, suddenly powers down due to a rain storm that lasts a few days and renders the solar-powered panels on his house temporarily useless. Due to Yosemite Sam's lack of manners, Bugs and Daffy both try to get Sam out of the house, but to no avail. Sam later gets out of the house when it gets sunny after a karaoke night and a failed attempt to scare him out by dressing Bugs up as a ghost. In an attempt to catch the "ghost," Sam breaks the television and toilet, while locking Bugs and Daffy out of the house to protect them from being harmed by the supposed ghost.

In Monster Talent, the house is set on fire by Daffy while trying to teach Gossamer how to juggle chainsaws lit on fire for a talent show at his school. The firefighters refused to hose down the flames and ask Bugs to say the line from Pizzarriba's commercial that gave him some fame, "I Like It", but the firefighters still don't do their job and asks Bugs to take a picture with them instead, leaving him to extinguish the flames alone.

At the end of Reunion, Bugs goes down an elevator, next to the grandfather clock, and drives away in the Batmobile.

In Devil Dog, Taz destroys the house during a rampage while going after Daffy. Bugs comes home which allows Daffy to escape from the house. After his escape, Daffy is seen making a "for sale" sign on the lawn. After Bugs screams out of shock, Daffy reduces the price.

In Peel of Fortune, Daffy buys the house from Bugs after he gets rich, Bugs moves back to his hole. While Daffy owns it, it is painted blue and its interior looks more like a gaudy mansion.




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