Bowl 'n Fun is the name of a bowling alley near Bugs and Daffy's house, debuting in To Bowl or Not to Bowl. Daffy comes here every Thursday along with Porky Pig, Pete Puma, and Marvin the Martian and tells Bugs he has singing lessons, so Bugs won't go there and lead his team.


Bowl 'n Fun appears as a regular bowling alley, complete with a food stand. The only difference to other allies is that there are bleachers to watch competitions on. Also, the scoreboard only has three letters. A bowling competition is held with teams Daffy's Ducks, Daffy's Ducks' rival Terry's Suckers, and Granny's Oldies Pins in To Bowl or Not to Bowl. Mac and Tosh were the announcers of the competition, and Terry's Suckers had won and lose baseball stadium season 2, with Daffy's Ducks coming in second and had won on season 2, and Granny's Oldies Pins coming in third. Many people know Daffy at Bowl 'n Fun.


Daffy was shown getting food and drinks at the alley. These foods consisted of a banana, an apple, sodas and nachos (while using Porky's credit card).