Be Polite is a Merrie Melodies song by Mac, Tosh and Marvin the Martian.

Merrie Melodies - Be Polite HD

Merrie Melodies - Be Polite HD



Oh, Mac!
Yes, chum?
Could you please pass me the cream
For my cup of tea?
I would be delighted!
Well, thank you!
Not at all, thank you for your thank you!
Oh, well you're welcome for my thank you.
Well, thank you again!
(Be Polite, always be nice)
(Make sugar your favorite spice)
My aunty sent me a birthday card.
I was so completely charmed.
I seized the chance I could not pass it.
I sent her a muffin basket!
I was at the bank today.
The teller sent a smile my way.
She did it with such great panache.
I gave the teller all my cash!
(Be Polite, always be nice)
(Make sugar your favorite spice)
(When helping Granny cross the street)
(Take the time to massage her feet)
B, B-E P-O-L-I-T-E!
B, B-E P-O-L-I-T-E!
Say "please" and "thank you."
When you hear a sneeze say "bless you."
Open doors and pull out chairs.
Don't push people down the stairs.
We were dining Thursday night.
The waiter set our plates just right.
We were so very impressed
We knitted him a sweater-vest!
When our car ran out of gas
The tow truck guy got there fast.
He filled our tank with no delay.
We took him to a Broadway play!
(Be Polite, always be nice)
(Make sugar your favorite spice)
(If someone shoots you with their laser beam)
(Remember that it would be rude to scream)
Be Polite, or I'll vaporize you.


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