" Beans and chicken: What a heavenly combo!"
Chicken Hawk

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Barnyard Dawg is voiced by Ben Falcone in the Merrie Melodies of The Looney Tunes Show.


Barnyard Dawg first appeared in The Fish and Visitors, singing the autotuned voice in the Chicken Hawk Merrie Melody, which features Henery Hawk and Foghorn Leghorn.

He then appears in Cock of the Walk, another Merrie Melody featuring Foghorn Leghorn. He is seen driving a car, yelling at Foghorn for repainting the Taj Mahal and adding pictures of himself on it, being chased by a monster truck driving by Foghorn using perfume as power, coming second in a race to Foghorn in the Olympics, getting annoyed at Foghorn being a Harvard teacher and watching Foghorn win an Oscar for being the best chicken in an animated feature.


Season 1

Season 2